Hate President Trump TEST

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President Trump 101

While drinking your “Morning Joe” with your entire body as The Washington Post lays on your lap you might believe that you’re feelings about the President are less then hateful but if you say yes to any one of the questions you’re in the hate zone!

(1) You have difficulty reading this blog post because Trump is in the title.

(2) This blog post is at the top of your list because Hate & Trump are in the headlines.

(3) Anchors on MSNBC and CNN are considered fair and balance to you.

(4) When listening to the President all you can do is lower the volume and look at his hair.

(5) A woman/man should be judged by his words not his actions.

(6) The tax monies you’ve saved are going to the DNC

(7) Robert Mueller’s investigation into “Russian Collusion” is in your daily prayers.

(8) Friendships are ended when Trump and a positive word are connected.

(9)  You believe ISIS would have been defeated under the Obama Administration if given more time.

(10) Cats are more loved then dogs to you.  (May not actually be part of this test but if you believe this is so then you need help)

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