My first million …. almost -BUD REFLECTION

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band aid


At the age of twelve I came up with an idea that appeared so brilliant because it was simple like peanut butter and jelly. The idea was to combine band-aids with first aid ointment (before it was invented).  I saved up all my monies in my “kosher piggy bank” and brought them to a “Inventors Help Business” to make my dream come true. This organization would perform a patent search, build a business plan and find other unique ways to spend my monies.  Unfortunately to complete the project would require a deeper investment and when my family found out about the project it was immediately  shut down. Not having the confidence or cash to continue my band aid idea died a bloody death.   Today whenever I look at that band aids with ointment I’m proud that my idea really worked and has made millions for others although I would be prouder and happier if they decided to share it with the true inventor.


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