Forgetting when is it a concern?

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We all forget items in life whether they be your keys, wallet or cell phone but when that problem becomes persistent it might be time to look at this problem a bit more deeply. If you combine that with forgetting common numbers and names or forgetting what you were supposed to do it might be your brain  telling you it’s time to take care of me.  Here are a few ways (below) you  and I can make sure that our mind is truly be taken care of.

(1) Do mental exercises for example puzzles, read more, write more , listen more to classical music or play games on “”

(2) Give your mind sometime to meditate or reflect on idea or life as a whole.

(3) Insure that you have quality rest-time.

(4) Eat foods that give your brain the nutrition it needs

(5) Do regular exercise.

(6) If all else fails see a doctor who might help find the correct medicines and treatment that can be helpful.


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