Beheading in Oklahoma & Ties to ISIS

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While the FBI and police department investigate the beheading by  Alton Nolen of  Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma there are some obvious links to Islamic Terrorist groups like ISIS.  ISIS and Al Qaeda might not have given the knife but surely helped sharpen the hatred. Here are just a few ways there evil influence can be seen leaking through our society.

(1) Beheading a person is what ISIS and Al Qaeda not only openly due but promote these hideous acts on video.

(2) Alton Nolen converted to Islam in prison and has posted hateful messages on his Facebook page that are similar to the hate portrayed by these terrorist.

(3) ISIS and Al Qaeda continue to push for Lone Wolf attacks on the innocent in America.

Let us not forget that the only reason this attack was stopped was because a citizen utilizing his 2nd Amendment rights and in so doing prevented a massacre. The police can’t be there all the time so we must trust each other to defend against evil.

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