Celebrity who?

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You would be amazed how many times that you have been in contact with a “celebrity” and it hasn’t even dawned on you. It might be that a simple trip down a grocery aisle or walking the dog where you will spot a celebrity.  I’m not talking individuals like Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz but these individuals stand out in their own world.  They might be the greatest carpenter in Monsey, the Pediatrician people wait on line to see or that hero defending freedom at our shore, these are the individuals that truly stand out. These individuals might not be in the biggest movie or television show but their accomplishments truly make a difference in the neighborhood we live in.   So the next time you’re walking down the street make sure you say hello to that stranger and have your cell phone camera ready because the true celebrities are closer then we think.

Wall Street Review – Weekend Edition-April 26th

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Wall Street Journal


This week I focused a great deal of time on certain articles because they peaked my interest. They are noted with a * next to them.

(1) * The brother of Afghan leader Hamid Karzai owns several restaurants in the U.S. but is still active in Afghan politics.

(2) * The two different Popes who will become Saints on Sunday aren’t easily labeled Conservative or Liberal as many have portrayed.

(3)  A book has been written concerning the history of Micro-Brewing and the rivalry between those who are really small and those moving up the ladder.

(4) The U.S. and it’s allies are having a difficulty time agreeing on sanctions on Russia due to it’s incursion in the Crimea.

(5) Syria has removed 90 % of the Chemical Weapons according to inspectors.

(6) North Korea is holding an American against their will.

(7) An Anarchist group claimed responsibility for a bombing in Greece.

(8) The Philippines is more open to the U.S Navy then it has been in years due to conflicts with China.

(9) * A Jewish Conductor and Pope John had a friendship that lasted decades and was very fruitful for both men.

(10) A Ukraine Official wrote a commentary on how Russia is breaking their agreement that they signed in Geneva.

(11) Science continues to show that Depression is an illness like Diabetes that people can’t easily escape without proper medical care.

(12) * Fears of scarcity are wiped out with innovation.

(13) * The price of Gold has risen to $1300.

(14) *The internet makes it easy to set up your own “Dog Hotel” for the weekend.

(15) A new snack place has opened up in Tribeca.

(16) Farmers are using stronger herbicide to kill weeds.

(17) Top Financial Advisers are betting on Mid Cap stocks such as Frontier Communications and Mannkind.

(18) Custom Van owners continue to meet but those meetings are a bit more conservative then in previous years as many of the owners bring their families to such gathering.s

Thrill Seeker!

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thrill seeker thrill seeker 2


If you’re like me you enjoy living on the edge but how sharp is your knife?  I have gone on every type of roller coaster, driven my car a bit too fast, gone bungee jumping and even ridden on top of a car (stupid youth) but there are limits and those limits seem to expand as we get older and maybe wiser. Is it because we become more aware that we aren’t immortal as we age or is that fear as a whole stops us from living our life to the fullest? WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I for one have cut out many of the activities listed not out of fear but knowing that my stomach isn’t up for the ride but continue to seek thrills. Whether it be taking risks in various business opportunities or finding a partner to go sky diving with, life is about living. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to climb Mt Everest (the flight is way too expensive) and I hate spending days and days climbing a rock. Here is where I draw my line (see below).

Where is your line drawn?

(1) Do I have any talents or skills to actually perform the thrill?

(2) Is there any chance that my thrill seeking activity might hurt innocent spectators?

(3) Is the activity I’m seeking illegal and harmful to society as a whole?

(4) How likely is it that this activity can create an addiction for me at the loss of more important activities in my life?

(5) Will this activity create a financial burden for me and my family?

My Beloved METS

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M-E-T-S  Mets, Mets, Mets is the anthem heard at Citi Field and though it is simple it is the that sound that calls me back to the my beloved team. Maybe it is that simplicity that draws me back as whole since the Mets represent an earlier form of the game. A time where families could go to the ballpark and enjoy a game without taking out a loan or withdrawing their entire bank account.  A time when all teams could compete on the field not just those from the big cities who spent exorbitant amounts of money on big name talent. The METS developed new talent from their farm system that wasn’t afraid to get their uniforms a bit dirty and slide head first into home to score that winning  run.

Today the Mets are in 2nd place not bad for a team that has faced untold injuries and doesn’t have the big names that their cousins across the water have.  They have won series against some of the best teams from last year. I know it’s early in the season but for us Met’s fan we thrill at every victory because we understand how much more effort it takes for us to achieve them.  As I finish this blog the sound comes back as it did in yesteryear  M-E-T-S Mets, Mets, Mets.   See you in October they don’t call us Amazing’s for nothing.


Mice are scary

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I’m a man that is not afraid of Spiders, Blizzards, Hurricanes or even death but show me a mouse and I’ll screech like a big elephant.  If there kept in a cage the fear goes away but when they start running on the floor I like to run on a chair.  I know it’s silly because how much harm could a mouse do but when they run so fast it feels like their crawling on my arm.  NOW THAT I REVEALED FOR FEARS PLEASE REVEAL YOURS.

Harsh Penalties from the Bible/Torah

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Torah 2
The holy book has many harsh penalties for those who perform actions that go against the law but I believe many of us misunderstand the true meaning for the time. Today we live in a period where we witness miracles but not at the same realm as when the laws were written. Whether that be witnessing the Plaques brought on the Egyptian People, Manna coming down from the sky, or hearing the Ten Commandments how could you disobey those words. G-D has given us the law but understands that we live in a period where faith is more difficult to hold and therefore I believe he gives us the leeway to find our own path without the severity of the book. When the Messiah is revealed to the world then we will all faithfully follow because it will be obvious.

When to hate!

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love hate

We are told we should  love each other and try to find even the best in every person but sometimes hate is just as important. I don’t believe you should detest the entire person  a matter fact you might even love that person but you should be able to hate what a person does.  If we act like everything is just fine when we are hurt by others actions then we become a boiling pot ready to explode.

If we don’t hate what some have done then we will be unable to seek justice or even change paths.  Hate can be that motivating factor that makes us willing to climb that mountain  to success even though their is ice ahead and the fall looks deadly. Love should always be the main source of our life path but hate must not be totally extinguished. It shouldn’t overwhelm us but just like a fire when it is controlled it can realize the energy we need to grow.



Here are examples of legitimate hate.


Waiting for that break!

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one chance

How many of us are waiting for that one break in our life that will change everything? Whether it be the singer who’s voice has just been spotted by Madonna, that blogger who believes someday the Wall Street Journal will hire them as a columnist, or that guy down the street who just bought the winning lottery ticket we will wait for that once in a lifetime opportunity.  Some of us will work hour and hour after to perfect that talent for this one chance while some of us will just hand a dollar to the lottery attendant.

Yet what happens if that big break doesn’t occur? How do we deal with the disappointment and pain?  Many will down and not have the ability to get up but there is a way to recovery (see below) that will enable to hold onto the dream but still live in today’s reality.

(1) Set small easy to reach dreams that can build to something bigger. If you wanted that luxury car maybe start out with a hubcap. If you wanted to be a professional singer sing with a local band.

(2) Take a moment to congratulate yourself on this step.

(3) Build to the next baby step and keep the process going as far as you can.

(4) If you fall off the ladder or can’t go any higher get a new ladder and start to build a different version for yourself   (maybe instead of acting for theater you’ll do voice off work).

(5) Make sure you spend time with positive people that support your actions and efforts no matter where they might lead.

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