Looking in the mirror and making $$$’s

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Imagine making $$$’s doing what you actually love and/or best at? Well Google has such a new site it’s called “Helpouts.com“. This site matches those seeking help in developing a specific talent with those that have this talent to teach. It’s all done in the convenience of your home or office through your webcam and at the hours that work best with your schedule.  It could be something as simple as making “the best chocolate chip cookies” to something a built more difficult like “changing the lightbulb” (I told you I wasn’t handy). “Helpouts.com enable you to determine how much your “skill” is worth and charge per minute. If you charge too much you won’t get any customers if you’re too low you’ll sell yourself short . It’s time to lok in the mirror and find what’s not only missing in your life but some secret talent that the world will pay you to learn

I’ve decided to test the waters with “Ending Writers Cramps/Creative Solutions”. One thing I know about myself is I can find a creative solution to almost any problem and writing flows like water. Sometimes that water is clean like “Poland Spring” and other times it picks up some sticks and stones along the way but in the end it keeps flowing. I hope my flow of ideas help those that are stuck so I can help show the creative genius that’s inside everyone. WHAT HELPOUT WOULD YOU LIKE?

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